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Our next event is a golf tournament at The Barn golf course on July 14th 2023!  

Meet Lincoln

Our Mission Statement​

We are dedicated to strengthening the community through it's strongest asset--the family.  

How to help

Are you a business that wants to get involved with our nonprofit? Send us an email inquiry to  Are you an individual who wants to help the kids in your community? Head over to our donate page for information on how YOU can help! 


We would like to introduce you to Lincoln! He has been the recipient of a Pledge Jar scholarship, which allowed him to go to preschool amid some very heavy burdens that were more than just financially taxing. Here is what Lincoln’s mom had to say about his scholarship, and what it did for their family:


“I don't have the adequate words to express my gratitude for Smarty Pants Preschool! When Miss Hali reached out to our family after hearing about Lincoln going through cancer treatment and offering a scholarship, I literally cried where I was--which was 8 months pregnant on a lawn chair at North Shore! From then on, every time we drove by the school, Lincoln would exclaim ‘I'll be going to school there!’ When you ask him why he's so smart, he proudly says ‘because I go to Smarty Pants.’

As a mom, I'm constantly in awe of the curriculum he's not only learning, but remembering months later. The fact that he could write his name before turning 5 was all I needed to know that we chose the right preschool!  Smarty Pants has been a blessing in our lives when so many other things haven't.” 


Allowing our kids to do things like preschool, helps build their confidence, develop social skills, and so much more. Your help in connecting us to these kids and making monetary contributions is what allows us to do what we do. 

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